HDPE Geomembrane (HDPE sheets)

HDPE Geomembrane (HDPE sheets) with superior impermeability is suitable for pond liners and covers. Available rolls width 2,4,8 meters with 0.3-2.0 mm. thickness.


8 – meter roll width help to save the cost of installation


Flexible yet strong enough to be used as a biogas pond liner.
Superior Impermeability. High tear strength and Strong
Puncture resistance.


Weather resistance, UV resistance, and High Chemical Resistance.


Long term durability.


HDPE geomembrane is used in reservoirs, Wastewater treatment, chemical storage,
Agricultural Manure Compositing pond, Biogas pond, water parks, mining, Waste Stabilization
Pond Liner and covers, Hazardous Waste Management, Tunnel liners, Concrete liners,
Tank liners, Canals, and Aquaculture ponds.


Waterproofing under landfill system

Covering on landfill system


Hazardous waste management and Wastewater treatment

Aquaculture pond

Water-distribution canal and Water resources management

Tunnel lining

Concrete canvas and tank lining